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Postado em 30 de março de 2020 | 18:47

Georgia ports adds new container storage space

“With slowing demand related to the coronavirus, port users need space to stage their cargo until that demand returns,” said Georgia Ports Authority Executive Director Griff Lynch. “With these new container stack areas, Savannah is delivering the flexibility our customers need.”

GPA recently added container slots totaling nearly 5,000TEU of space to its operation. By mid-April, more than 6,000TEU of capacity will go into service, for a total of 11,130TEU of new container stacking space. These additions will increase Savannah’s annual capacity by 400,000TEU, for a new total capacity of 6 million TEU per year.

“From time to time, spikes in demand occur because of new customer needs or other factors impacting the global supply chain. Through the Authority’s steady investment in capacity, GPA is able to handle unexpected surges in container yard demand, whatever the cause,” said GPA Board Chairman Will McKnight.


Source: Container News

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