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German states seek better green hydrogen framework conditions

German states of Berlin and Brandenburg have launched a joint initiative, calling on the federal government to create better framework conditions for the production and use of green hydrogen.

Franziska Giffey, Berlin Senator for Economic Affairs, who believes that this is an issue that is supported by the majority of the federal states, said that both states want to ensure that the electricity from renewable energies, which is needed in the region for the production of hydrogen, is more or less produced locally and does not have to be transported over long distances.

This would protect the electricity grids and be more economical and environmentally friendly, as stated in the announcement.

Hydrogen, considered a building block for the energy transition, is produced using gas or electricity and is only considered “green” if green electricity is used in its production.

Giffey noted that the EU regulations currently stipulate that this electricity can be purchased from all over Germany, for example, Berlin and Brandenburg.

Both states see “false incentives” in this, as per the announcement, and specifically demand in their initiative that plants for the production of green electricity and hydrogen should be located a maximum of 200 kilometers apart. Electricity for hydrogen produced here would therefore primarily come from eastern Germany.

To note, Berlin and Brandenburg are also calling for a swift connection to the “hydrogen backbone,” a nationwide network for the transportation of hydrogen.

Regarding Berlin’s energy transition journey, Giffey pointed out that the state wants to become climate-neutral by 2045 at the latest.

“Hydrogen and the cooperation with Brandenburg to generate renewable energy – especially from wind power – will play a central role in this. Our goal is to make eastern Germany, with Berlin at its center, the center of a sustainable German hydrogen economy. With short distances for more sustainable energy,” Giffey said, adding that Berlin is still at the very beginning when it comes to hydrogen.

To remind, In July 2023, Germany presented its updated national hydrogen strategy setting the framework for the new phase in the hydrogen market ramp-up.




Source: Offshore Energy

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