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WFS switches to ‘sustainable’ plastics

Worldwide Flight Services becomes first major air cargo handler to convert to BioNatur line of products in its operations, saving equivalent of 27 million plastic water bottles a year from landfill.

Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) has become the first major air cargo industry company to begin converting the majority of plastic products used in its cargo handling operations over to the ‘BioNatur Plastics’ line of sustainable products, manufactured by M&G Packaging.

BioNaturPlastic is a growing line of biodegradable plastic products manufactured with proprietary formulations that make them the most sustainable plastic options available, WFS said, explaining that investing in the new products was part of WFS’ global sustainability programme.

“Worldwide Flight Services is excited to be the first major customer of these environmentally-friendly products in the air cargo industry,” said Mike Simpson, WFS’ executive vice president for the Americas. “WFS uses the equivalent of more than 27 million plastic water bottles a year in protective plastic sheeting and wrap; so, with this commitment we can make a significant contribution to the environment. We are thrilled to finally have a product that ensures this plastic will not languish in a landfill for decades.”

BioNatur Plastic is manufactured with a blend of resins including traditional LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and a propriety, natural, plant-based biopolymer. The resulting blends are biodegradable in a landfill environment and significantly reduce fossil fuel-based plastic usage and greenhouse gas generation, WFS said.

“Performance testing demonstrated the BioNatur product to have a long shelf life with higher strength and puncture-resistance than polyethylene plastic alone,” the company explained. “This proprietary blend also uses significantly less oil-based resin than current plastic products, using less material overall while maintaining or improving performance.

WFS is the world’s largest air cargo handler and one of the world’s leading providers of ground handling and technical services, serving more than 270 airlines at 180 major airports in 22 countries on five continents.

M&G Packaging is a leader in sustainable packaging that is “expanding its product lines with the latest biodegradable and eco-friendly products” It has been serving the air freight community for over 60 years with packaging, shipping and TSA screening supplies.


Source: Lloyd’s

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