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Postado em 26 de junho de 2019 | 17:37

South Korea to China box traffic soars in April

Container trade between South Korea and China was brisk in April, enjoying a double-digit increase of 11% year on year to total 275,719 TEUs, according to statistics compiled by the Yellow Sea Liner Shipping Council (YSLSC).

South Korea exports 92,350 TEUs, up 8%, and imported 159,352 TEUs, up 8%. Transshipment (T/S) containers surged 59% to 23,903 TEUs. 

In the first four months (January-April), a total of 991,672 TEUs were moved between the two Asian economies, up 8%. Containers from South Korea swelled 3% to 340,370 TEUs, while its imports improved 8% to 572,263 TEUs. T/S containers soared 48% to 79,039 TEUs. Growth in exports from South Korea was in the 1% range in the January-March, but in January-April, it came back to swell 8%.


Source: JIFFA

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