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Shell boosts LNG bunkering network

Global energy giant Shell marked another milestone for its liquefied natural gas (LNG) marine fuels business with the charter of a new LNG bunkering supply vessel being constructed in Spain. The company noted in its statement that the new charter will add further flexibility to customers on key trade routes.

“Shell plans to double its existing LNG bunkering infrastructure on key international trade routes by the mid-2020s and this vessel will play an important role in that journey as we serve more customers across our global network with LNG,” Tahir Faruqui, General Manager, Shell Global Downstream LNG, said.

He added that the company completed the first LNG bunkering in Barcelona in 2019.

Shell has closed the primary gaps that existed in the global LNG bunkering network with the recent arrival of bunker vessels in Singapore (FueLNG Bellina) and the east coast of North America (Q4000), meaning that customers can be served by Shell across the world through six LNG bunker vessels in service.

Shell noted it has completed more than 400 ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operations across a broad range of segments in seven countries and eight ports, including Rotterdam, Barcelona, Tenerife, La Spezia, Gothenberg and most recently Jacksonville.

Shell said it will be performing its first LNG bunkering operations in Singapore in early 2021 and will begin operating in Port Canaveral soon.

LNG bunkering licenses have been granted to Shell in several locations, including most recently in Gibraltar.

The new bunker vessel being constructed in Spain will be operated by Knutsen OAS Shipping and will use the Enagás LNG terminal in Barcelona for the loading and supply of LNG. The cargo capacity will be 5,000 cubic meters of LNG.




Source: World Maritime News

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