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Postado em 5 de fevereiro de 2024 | 18:48

Shearwater GeoServices goes to India

India’s government-owned energy giant Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has appointed Norway’s Shearwater GeoServices to deliver an ocean bottom node (OBN) survey off the coast of India.

According to Shearwater, the venture will showcase its Pearl node technology aboard the SW Tasman, a vessel reimagined for peak efficiency in executing advanced seismic source and dual ROV operations.

The activities are expected to span a period of six months.

“The ONGC survey stands as a testament to the industry’s faith in our forward-thinking technologies, particularly our pioneering Pearl node. Our dedication to transcending traditional survey limits, coupled with our drive to innovate, positions us at the forefront of marine seismic exploration,” said Irene Waage Basili, CEO of Shearwater GeoServices.

“We’re not just conducting surveys; we’re redefining what’s possible in deepwater exploration and complex environments, charting new courses that could very well reshape industry standards.”

At the beginning of January, ONGC reported it had achieved the first oil from a deepwater block off the coast of the Bay of Bengal – believed to be the world’s largest bay water region. The company then stated that the flagship project was on track with the final phase scheduled to be put into production by mid-2024.




Source: Offshore Energy

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