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SeaLand, Change of Destination Product Scope: World to/from World

At SeaLand we are  constantly striviving to provide reliable and innovative products to our customers. In order to continue offering high-quality products, SeaLand is introducing a change to the current diversion process.

This change will provide additional flexibility when a Change of Destination is requested, improving the customer experience and aligning with market practices. Effective February 1stSeaLand will assess the following Change of Destination Fees:

  • COD (Change of Destination) – $300 per container – when the change requires up to 4 restows
  • CAD (Change of Destination – Administrative Cost) – $300 per bill of lading – when there are no operational costs involved
  • CED (Change of Destination – Extra Restows) – $300 per container + extra costs associated – when more than 4 restows are required
Change of Inland Destination, or non-operational diversion, is a change to the place of delivery after SeaLand has taken receipt of the cargo and without changing the port of discharge. SeaLand will continue assessing the following Change of Inland Destination Fee and Inland Cancellation Fee: 
  • CID (Change of Inland Destination) – $150 per bill of lading
  • ICI or ICE (Inland Cancellation Fee Import/Export) – $150 per bill of lading 
**Diversion requests must be made in writing and be given to the Carrier no later than (3) business days prior to the arrival of vessel at port of discharge.**Diversions are subject to the agreement of the Carrier and Local Authorities. SeaLand reserves the right to reject a request for Change of Destination for operational reasons.

At SeaLand, we are excited to serve your transportation needs with the personal touch that will make you feel right at home. Because when we go together we can accomplish anything.

If you have any questions or need further guidance, our SeaLand Representatives are prepared to take care of you. Give us a call, email us at customerservice@sealand.com, or send us a tweet at  @SeaLand and we’ll be happy to help.

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