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Helikon to Continue Using ShipMoney Electronic Payments for Crew

ShipMoney has extended its maritime payment services agreement with the UK-based shipping company Helikon Shipping Enterprises Limited into a long-term multi-year relationship.
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The solution has been used by Helikon to pay wages to crew members onboard under its agency for the last several years.

Helikon has now decided to extend the relationship given the success of the program and the company’s upcoming expansion of its fleet.

Welcoming the extension, Michael Papaioannou, the Managing Director of Helikon, said:

“The ShipMoney program is very well received by our crew members, providing them with a range of remittance options while onboard saving them time and money while in port.”

“For our company, the program has streamlined our onboard crew payment process, reduced our costs and provided a new benefit to our crew members and their families. We are pleased to work with ShipMoney on an exclusive basis for our onboard crew payments,” he added.

“We are excited to extend our relationship with the company. We are looking forward to introducing some new … services to their crew in the near future,” Stuart Ostrow, President of ShipMoney, commented.

As explained, ShipMoney offers crew control and access to their wages while onboard a ship, including the timing and currency of remittances sent home. It reduces the need for large amounts of cash to be delivered to ships and eliminates the need for Helikon to administer individual crew wire payments sent to home bank accounts.

Maritime payment solutions provider ShipMoney is a privately held Florida based company and an operating subsidiary of Global Technology Partners, LLC (GTP).


Source: World Maritime News

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