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Postado em 14 de fevereiro de 2016 | 19:47

FMC and USCG to hold hearing on box weights

Listening session to hear concerns on verified gross mass requirements.

The FMC will hold a hearing next week on the amendments to Solas Regulation VI-2 regarding cargo information and verified gross mass of containers on February 18.

The announcement follows calls by the Agriculture Transportation Coalition for the US Federal Maritime Commission and US Coast Guard to convene a working group of stakeholders likely to be affected by Solas amendments of container weighing.

“The Coast Guard will be in attendance to hear concerns and feedback from industry and stakeholders on this issue,” the FMC said.

“Specifically, the Coast Guard will seek to understand how the industry currently meets the requirements of Solas Regulation VI-2; how the amendments that take effect on July 1 impact the existing processes and relationships used to comply with the current requirements in Solas; and how the Coast Guard can facilitate, if needed, continued compliance with Regulation VI-2 in a manner that ensures the safety of ships at sea and maintains the efficiency of the marine transportation system.”

The session is open to the public and will be held at the FMC’s offices in Washington, DC.

AgTC  has called for the USCG  to provide a means to receive public comment, and delay enforcement of the new Solas requirements until this input is collected and all stakeholders agree on best practices for VGM implementation. The USCG should be satisfied that US commerce would not be detrimentally affected, AgTC said.


Source: Lloyd’s

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