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Postado em 16 de julho de 2020 | 19:36

Enterprise completes combination loading of NGL and Olefins

North American provider of midstream energy services Enterprise Products Partners L.P. has loaded combination cargoes of natural gas liquids (NGL) and Olefins on the same vessel.

During the month of July, Enterprise completed the simultaneous loading of propane and polymer grade propylene into separate compartments on a VLGC at the Enterprise Houston Ship Channel terminal, as well as the simultaneous loading of ethane and ethylene on a vessel at its Morgan’s Point facility.

Both vessels were the first export cargoes of their kind from the U.S.

As explained by Enterprise, co-loading olefins on larger vessels with NGLs allows for more efficient use of available export dock capacity, while also providing significant freight benefits to petrochemical export customers.

“This landmark accomplishment was made possible by our integrated midstream network, as well as the creativity and determination of our employees,” said A.J. “Jim” Teague, co-chief executive officer of Enterprise’s general partner.

“Loading ethylene and propylene on larger vessels from the U.S. Gulf Coast substantially lowers freight costs and allows U.S. Gulf Coast producers to supply distant markets, such as Asia, more competitively.”

The news is being reported six months after Enterprise exported the first cargo of ethylene from the 50/50 joint venture marine terminal, owned jointly with Navigator Holdings Ltd.

The terminal is located at Morgan’s Point, Texas along the Houston Ship Channel.



Source: World Maritime News

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