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Delays at Inland Container Depot in Nairobi

The long duration that it takes to clear cargo from the Inland Container Depot (ICD) in Nairobi is becoming a headache for truckers offering last mile connection, bringing the efficiency of the standard gauge railway into question.


Whereas it takes about five hours to ferry cargo from Mombasa to the ICD in Embakasi, it takes over 24 hours to clear the consignment at the depot.

The move has seen truckers that would have done an average of two trips per day manage just one, subjecting transport firms to losses.

“The inefficiency at the ICD is costing us a lot. We take close to 24 hours to get cargo out of the facility because of the slow process” Rongai Workshop and Transport Limited managing director Vanessa Evans said.

Kenya Ports Authority, which is the custodian of the ICD, said that it handles a lot of cargo and is putting in place measures to address the congestion and minimize delays. The depot receives an average of eight trains a week.

Managing director Daniel Manduku said they had a meeting that brought together key agencies such as the Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Railways Corporation and Kenya Maritime Authority and came up with a plan that will address the delays.



 Source: Business Daily Africa

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