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Container Tracking Note: World to Senegal

Αll shipments imported to Senegal must have a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN).

Each container must be covered by a CTN number communicated in the shipping instructions. It’s mandatory to have said information mentioned on the Bill of Loading and cargo Manifest.


The CTN must be obtained by shippers on the dedicated website of COSEC (Conseil Sénégalais des Chargeurs): http://www.besc-senegal.net/ or https://getctn.com/fr/senegal-bsc-2/

Carriers have been requested to enforce this fully from 1st of March 2019. CTN not available or number not valid on Bill of Lading and Cargo Manifest will be subject to penalties and relevant additional charges at Shippers’ debit and responsibility.

The amount of the penalty charge is XOF 100,000 (EUR 152) and will be covered under FID (3rd party fine import) surcharge name.


Source: aersk Line

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