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Schweizerzug launches new Switzerland-Rotterdam intermodal link

Swiss rail freight operator continues rapid network and service expansion with twice-weekly direct link from key box port to Frenkendorf, near Basel, and Niederglatt, near Zurich. Swiss rai...

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Drewry downgrades 2019 container growth forecast to 3%

Mounting uncertainty from trade and geopolitical tensions, slowing global economic growth, regionalisation of manufacturing supply chains and environmental concerns lead analyst to lower its short- an...

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Turkey downturn remains a challenge for freight forwarders

But with careful management of traffic flows, it has been possible to maintain services and revenues in very challenging market conditions, says UK-based Davies Turner. Turkey’s prolonged...

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Antwerp introduces new digital portal, BE-GATE

As a European hub for world trade Belgium aims to simplify the import and export of merchandise with the BE-GATE Customs platform. This digital portal aimed at the e-commerce...

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Box volumes from Japan to China tumble in April

Containerized exports from Japan to China plunged 11.5% to 868,069 tons in April, posting a decrease from a year earlier for two back-to-back months, according to a report co...

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Pear volumes in Italy hit record low

"There are still no official data, but the lack of pears is noticeable. 2019 will certainly have the lowest production ever in Italy,” reports Albano Bergami from the Pera ...

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Expanded Panama Canal Exceeding Expectations

Three years after the Expanded Panama Canal welcomed its first vessel on June 26, 2016, the waterway continues to exceed expectations for the maritime industry.

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Saudi Aramco, Hyundai Heavy Sign Cooperation Deals

Saudi Arabian oil and gas company Saudi Aramco has signed a number of agreements with South Korea’s shipbuilding major Hyundai Heavy Industries.
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Contship Italia confirms Cagliari closure

Owner of Cagliari International Container Terminal cuts its losses after declining volumes for several years and now the loss of the Sardinian transhipment hub’s last regular customer. Co...

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